Highlights from the BALR Summer Meeting 2016

The 2016 BALR summer meeting ‘Fight the Good Fight: Host Pathogen Interactions in the Lung’ was held in sunny Sheffield on 27-29th July, hosted by Colin Bingle and Helen Marriott. The meeting consisted of presentations from 15 invited speakers, 9 oral presentations chosen from submitted abstracts, 2 entries to the early career researcher competition, 6 entries to the PhD competition, and 26 posters presentations. The first session kicked off with a fungal focus, beginning with Jay Kolls from University of Pittsburgh, who highlighted the role of IL21 receptor and STAT3 on fungal clearance in the lung. This was followed by Sara Gago from the University of Manchester who shared evidence for gen

Lungs: The Forgotten Organ

Have you ever found yourself gasping for breath and sounding worryingly similar to Darth Vader by the time you reached the top of the stairs? Do you ever feel as though your lungs are about to explode when you overdo it in the gym? Or have you been forced to run for a bus and found, somewhat dismayingly, that you’re huffing and puffing more than you’d like? Whatever your lifestyle and no matter your age, at some point in your life you will have suffered from shortness of breath. For those of us who have experienced it, breathlessness can be debilitating and the uncomfortable recovery can last for a matter of seconds to several minutes. Often we can reassuringly attribute our breathlessness t

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