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What is the BALR?

The BALR has provided a focus for exchange of ideas between all manner of respiratory researchers, basic scientist and clinician alike, to ferment collaboration and to further fundamental pulmonary research for over twenty years, thus fulfilling the initial aims of the society to promote respiratory research throughout the UK. We are also a registered charity (SC010151).

The Association has published a number of consensus statements in peer-reviewed journals, and also two series of review articles in Thorax and Biologist.

Our Aims

To promote interest and encourage studies in the field of experimental research, related to the elucidation of normal lung function and the mechanisms of lung disease.

To promote an interchange of ideas between workers in this field, including the organisation of regular scientific meetings.

To encourage the exchange of materials and techniques between laboratories, for their mutual assistance and as a means of standardisation in appropriate areas of research.

Commitee Members

Sapey L Colour Landscape high res[74].png
Elizabeth Sapey
Karl Staples
Kylie Belchamber
Amanda Tatler
Alison John
Meetings Secretary
Manuela Platé
BALR Wix.jpg
Merete Long
Chloe Hughes
PhD Representative
Brinnie headhsot.jpg
Brintha Selvarajah
Post doc 
Andrew Durham
RSB Representative
BALR Wix.jpg
Sterghios Moschos
Industrial Liason
JA profile photo.jpeg
Jodie Ackland
Ordinary Member
Bettina_Schock picture.png
Bettina Schock
Ordinary Member
Julie Worrell
Ordinary Member
Renata Jurkowska
Ordinary Member


  • Chris Scotton 2017-2021

Privacy and data protection statement

The personal information we collect during British Association for Lung Research (BALR) membership application, registration for short courses and conferences and abstract submission is held and used according to the Data Protection Act 2018.

The information you supply will be held on file and will be shared with the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) which provides administrative support to the BALR. It will be accessible to BALR committee members and delegated employees of the RSB on their computers. Information is used for BALR mailings (including emails), for administrative purposes and for promotion of BALR activities.

Members choosing joint membership of BALR and European Respiratory Society (ERS) agree to their details being shared with ERS for administrative purposes and promotion of BALR and ERS activities.

The BALR use details supplied by all customers who book places on BALR courses and conferences to process applications to attend, to take payment(s), to send related information and to prepare badges, to produce attendance statistics and other management information. The RSB will use data for communications regarding your membership renewal, and will be stored safely according to GDPR regulations. The BALR and RSB will NEVER sell or give access to personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. The information held is also used to analyse membership categories and BALR income and expenditure streams.

The BALR use data supplied by the authors of abstracts for our Meetings, if selected, to produce the Programme booklets. 

Communication to BALR Members

The BALR expects to conduct most of its communication with members by email. The BALR will send regular emails containing news and information on BALR education and other activities.
We will assume that BALR members and registered users of the BALR systems and services consent to use of their personal data for the above purposes unless you specifically indicate otherwise by opting-out when you join the BALR. Registered users of BALR systems and services may review and amend their personal data by contacting the BALR at any time.


Our server records your visit for demographic reasons and to help us understand how you use the site. We use the information we collect to improve the site and provide better services. The information we collect is treated in accordance with the Data Protection principles outlined in the Data Protection Act 2018.

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