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The Lung Research and Innovation Group (LRIG), of which the BALR is part, have set out 10 priorities the government needs to take seriously to fix the lung research pipeline and fix the nation’s lung health.

Read more and download the full report here.


The BALR is a community for all types of respiratory scientists, from basic to clinical, to provide a platform to exchange ideas, create collaborations, and further pulmonary research. We are a registered charity and have been active for over thirty years, and are proud to support respiratory researchers in the UK and abroad. 


We host a fantastic annual summer meeting, allowing our members to come together in a relaxed atmosphere. We also host workshops on a manner of topics related to basic pulmonary research and techniques. 


We also provide awards and prizes at our summer meeting, and at other respiratory meetings, to support young scientists in sharing their research. 


At BALR, we want to ensure that the services and support we offer are fully aligned with what you need.  We also want to understand where our members are in their career pathways,  and what else we could do to help.


Please take this simple and anonymous survey to make sure what we do reflects what you need.


Many thanks,

Elizabeth Sapey

BALR President


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